Tips for making bath bombs!

Over the next few weeks we will be sharing some tips for making DIY bath bombs. This week we will be focusing on a time saving tip.
Lemonberry Tea & Me Bath Bomb
This week's tip!
One of the most time consuming steps of making bath bombs is preparing all of the materials! One tip we have learned over the years is to pre-make our bath bomb powder into different colors in bulk. By adding the color additive and our oil and butters to our baking soda in larger batches is such a time saver. Not only does it save time, but it creates a more consistent color for every batch. The amount of powder you can make at one time depends on the size of the stand mixer you have. Here at Moon's Harvest we use a 20 quart mixer that holds over 30 pounds of baking soda. When we have finished thoroughly mixing in our oils, butters, and color additives, we hold the powder in 20 gallon buckets we purchased at our local feed store. We have to make 3 of the 20 quart bowls to fill one bucket.

When we are ready to make our bath bombs all we have to do is weigh out our colored powders, add fragrance, our liquid binder, and our citric acid! So time saving and convenient.

Feel free to share your time saving tips in the comments below!
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