This week's tip...just how much oil or butters do I add to my Bath Bombs...

How much oil do I add to my bath bombs?
There is nothing better than a great bath bomb that is moisturizing and hydrating for your skin. But there is a huge difference between moisturizing and way too greasy. Yes greasy. You know that feeling, like you are sitting in a bath tub full of floating gunk.

So just how much oil or butter should I add to my recipe for a batch of bath bombs?

Let's do a simple test to find out!

Begin by melting 1 tsp of  butter (shea, cocoa, mango or any other oil you would like to test). Measure 1 tsp of your preferred carrier oil, such as Sweet Almond, Apricot, or Soy. Fill your bath tub with water, just plain clear, warm to hot water just like you would bathe in.

To test, begin by adding a few drops of the butter and a few drops of the oil into your water and stir it around a bit. Does the water feel oily or could you add more? If it isn't moisturizing then add a few more drops, stirring the water with each addition. Make notes as you go so you know the exact number of drops to create the perfect moisturizing bath! You will be surprised just how little butter and oil it takes to create the perfect moisturizing bath! And don't forget that you will also be adding your fragrance oil, which is in a carrier oil. (Now take a bath so you don't waste the water!)

Once you determine the amount that is perfect for a tub full of water, take those measurements of oil and butter and apply to your recipe for your batch of bath bombs. Multiply the amount of oil and butter you tested by the number of bath bombs your batch will make. For example if your recipe normally makes 10 bath bombs and your test results took 5 drops of oil and 3 drops of butter, then you will need 50 drops of oil and 30 drops of butter for your batch of 10. Now every bath bomb in your batch will have the perfect amount of moisture. No more guessing and no more greasy baths!

Each type of oil and butter give a different feel to the water. Try testing the feel of different oils and butters by adding a drop in a small bowl of water. You will find that some oils feel heavy and some light.

To keep your oils and butters from floating to the top of the water instead of blending in, you will need some type of emulsifier in your recipe.

For our next tip, we will be discussing the subject of what type of emulsifier to use when making DIY bath bombs.

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